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    ASK Transportation Company LLC provides haulage all over Russia and organizes delivery of cargos from/to China and South-East Asia. Company specialists have a wide experience in working with railways of Russia.

    We provide services of cargo carriage by railway, motor, river and sea transport for any types of shipments (including oversize, off-gauge, hazardous, those requiring special conditions of storage and others.)

 Container Transportation

       Container transportation is one of the most convenient types of transportation. Our Company has own container park and container trucks, which allows it to significantly decrease the total cost of cargo transportation in containers. Competent personnel at the container transportation department will help you choose the most reasonable and cost-effective method of transportation in containers.

     What are characteristics of container transportation and how is the cost of container transportation formed:

1.       The type of cargo influences the cost of container transportation depending on whether the cargo is accompanied by paramilitary security or not.

2.       Container transportation is economically advantageous for any cargo weighing from 2,400 kg to 26,000 kg having the volume up to 76 m3.

3.       Our Company delivers the container of required loaded weight to the place of cargo loading (to your warehouse), where the cargo is loaded and fixed in the presence of the shipper or by the shipper. If the mass of 1 unit is more than 1,000 kg, a scheme of cargo securing in the container is developed.

4.       Representatives of our Company seal you container in the presence of the shipper or shipper’s authorized person.

5.       The cost of container transportation is formed of the following components:

       - Railway tariff is the tariff set and collected by the railway in Russia and China;

            -  Container terminal services;

            - Automatic delivery - payment for company’s services for the delivery of the container from the point of cargo loading into the container to the place of container loading to the railway platform;

            - Services of the company - remuneration to the company for transport and forwarding;

Our Company can provide any related services on the territory of Russia:

o   Issuing of forwarding documents for export-import carriage;

o   Freight handling;

o   And other services (including a photo report.)

Search for  Suppliers and Producers in Russia and China

     Interest to goods from China is growing everywhere in the world. There are factories and plants in China that manufacture products that are no worse than products of western brands. Products made in China increasingly become not only a good alternative in price, but also a good proposal of quality, complying with high international standards. Many famous brands organized production of their goods in China which are then delivered everywhere in the world.

Virtually everyone can now find some suitable product on the market in China at a reasonable price and of good quality. Products from China overcome barriers, the commodity market is exploding. Many Chinese producers enter the international market offering high quality goods manufactured with the help of high-tech equipment in China, that is why search of producers, suppliers, factories and plants in China becomes a more common task for Russian enterprises.

Advantages of cooperation with China are connected with affordable quality products made by local factories and plants. Many companies have already paved their “Chinese way”, found required producers, and now their award is additional profit and significant cost saving.

   Keen interest of trade companies and manufactures to the goods market in China is explained by the development of prospective merchantable lines, change of supplier, purchase for further re-export to European and other countries, solving the problem of “manufacture or buy”, and placement of special orders for exclusive production in China, production of goods under own trademark, direct supplies from China.


    We collect and analyze commercial, economic and marketing information for our clients: we help them find some product of interest on the goods market in Russia and China, we search for producers in Russia and China, and can also choose a reliable and advantageous partner for further cooperation.


As a result of search for partners in Russia and China, we provide:

· full information about manufacturers (up to 10 contacts) – names, addresses, contact information, telephones

· results of primary control for mediation (whether the company is a producer)

· Official FOB prices

· export license of the manufacturer

· required certificates for the products from the manufacturer

· information about payment terms and period of product manufacturing

· results of primary telephone negotiations with potential partners

· general characteristic of enterprises according to the criteria specified by the client

If required, it is possible to organize delivery of catalogs and samples of products from Russia and China.

The period of execution - from 10 to 30 business days depending on the scale of search and other factors. The report is provided in English.


If you have any proposals or questions, we will be glad to answer them.


Please send your letters to:   Anastasia Zhdanova, office manager of ASK TC.